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Acquire a FiveM server for sale, tailored for compatibility with the QBCore server, to experience FiveM Server personalized on the NoPixel 3.5 server.

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Buy FiveM server for sale compatible with the QBCore framework to play Grand Theft Auto (GTA V) on your own terms on the NoPixel 3.5 server.

Discover a world of infinite roleplaying possibilities on this FiveM server for sale. Unlock new careers, maps, drugs, vehicles – everything you can imagine and then some. Conduct elaborate heists and robberies or dress up however you like; this QBCore FiveM server for sale has it all!

Why Buy Our NoPixel 3.5 Full Server Files?

Surely, you can buy NoPixel servers from anywhere, but here’s where our FiveM NoPixel 3.5 server outshines the rest:

  • Our FiveM QBCore full server files are complete in all aspects. Just update the logo, and you’ll be ready to plug and play.
  • The NoPixel 3.5 server files are built on the latest QBCore framework and compatible scripts.
  • The FiveM QBCore server can host more than 500 players at once without any lag or glitches.
  • Our QBCore full server for FiveM integrates seamlessly with Discord channels that can log key events and allow players to communicate with each other.
  • Each FiveM server for sale undergoes rigorous performance and feature testing to ensure a seamless gaming experience.
  • We offer an attractive try-before-you-buy policy where you can try out the NoPixel 3.5 server firsthand before making a purchase.
  • Get instant delivery when you buy servers from FiveM Store.


What Comes Inside Our FiveM QBCire Server Files?

Our FiveM NoPixel 3.5 server files for the QBCore framework come equipped with:

  • 20+ heists and robberies
  • 60+ jobs, activities, and professions
  • Clothing pack with 15,000+ assets
  • 200+ custom vehicle creation
  • 3000+ dances and custom emotes
  • Trade 6 different drugs
  • Build your own gang
  • Manage finances
  • Unlock multiple characters
  • Custom maps

And more!

The QBCore server for FiveM makes every game unique in whichever way you like.

Experience Our FiveM Servers for sale Before You Buy

To ensure the highest satisfaction and confidence in your purchase, we invite you to test drive our premium NoPixel 3.5 Full Server.

Our 24/7 live test server is always available for prospective buyers to delve into the rich and immersive gameplay of FiveM. With dynamic features and outstanding performance, our server stands out as the superior choice for your gaming aspirations. Contact us anytime to access the test server and see for yourself why our FiveM server is the top pick for gamers. Contact Me For FiveM Test Server IP


It’s Not Just the FiveM Server for Sale; It is a Lifestyle up for Grabs

Our QBCore-based FiveM-ready NoPixel 3.5 full server makes modding easy. The FiveM server for sale is a great hack for personalizing your game as quickly as possible. After the QBCore server download, you can get building with our FiveM server files and scripts.

Think of the NoPixel server FiveM files as a medium to breathe life into the world of your wildest imagination. The FiveM server for sale is the key to unlocking new innovations!

Become a cop and solve crimes with your trusted K9 or rob Bobcat Security; serve hearty meals at the UWU cafe or get cooking in cocaine labs; save someone’s life as an EMS responder or shoot trespassers on your property – with the full QBCore server, the FiveM world is yours for taking.


FiveM Server Showcase Video

Free Support on QBCore Server Purchase

I trust this guide has provided the answers you were looking for about the nopixel 3.5 full server. However, should you need further clarification on any of the steps, more clarification can be provided at our support page. for server install support get our FiveM Server Setup Service.
qbcore server for sale


Buy our FiveM server to play GTA V your way, with tools for lots of fun and help ready whenever you need it. You can try it out first to see if you like it before you decide to buy.

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  1. gixoc94338 (verified owner)

    If you wants a server that works without a lot of bugs and faults FiveM Server for sale is your man. Very patient and helpfull with a lot of advices and help to reach our goal for a good working RP server. Skillfull and have delivered a great big project. He will deffently be the man that we will pay for working on our plans for the server Thnxx again FiveM Server for sale, wishes you the best

  2. big chue (verified owner)

    Great work he made me my first fivem server. Still got a lot of scripts to add before it’s done that I’m Also going to hire him for. I’m making him my main developer thanks again.

  3. denni Fn (verified owner)

    thank you so much for the work you have done never expect this kind of stuff and fast delivery | keep it up man you have done a very grate job thank you again and for sure i will recomend you also to the other

  4. zizius lip (verified owner)

    very good dev asked him to install a script it was done quick and easy and working perfectly thank you will do more business in future

  5. josh conley10 (verified owner)

    you will not be disappointed. He is a great Dev with lots of experience. Thank you, Brother, and stay safe.

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